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Our in house coffee shop ‘The Artisan Kitchen’ will be serving delicious homemade cakes, barista quality coffee, decadent hot drinks and light lunches from Tuesday to Saturday. You can expect to enjoy a chic, cosy and friendly atmosphere, perfect for meeting friends and family to enjoy simple, wholesome and seasonal food.


We have hand selected all our suppliers for their integrity and commitment to quality, to a fair trade and organic standard where possible, ensuring as little impact on our planet and the people who produce our raw ingredients as we can. Whether it be the our locally sourced organic vegetables, our fair trade single origin hot chocolate, the British organic milk in your coffee or the plastic free hand blended organic tea from Harrogate, Yorkshire. You can be sure we have done our best to seek out the best. We strive to use Organic and or local produce wherever possible, so we can bring you food which feels good for your body as well as your conscience. We are working with local artisan food producers to offer range of tasty goodies as well as aiming to invest in our local food businesses. With this in mind, we strive to remain affordable for all our customers.


From the get go we will be sending our food waste to composting sites, however we plan to compost all our food waste on site within a year using a hot composter systems. This, in turn, will feed our future mini roof top terrace garden, which we hope to grow our own tomatoes and salads for use within the kitchen throughout the summer months.   

Raspberry Cake
Woman Drinking Coffee
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